AD Me:

Hello, I'm a conceptual Creative who works across all mediums (Insert ad industry buzz words like "360" and "Integrated" here). I love the process of ideation. Solving brand problems in creative ways makes me happy. I also love making ideas look nice or pretty or cool or even weird (whatever the idea calls for). That's where the "Art Director" part comes in. I also enjoy doing non Art Directory things like scriptwriting, naming things, making up song lyrics and (gasp!) writing decks. 

Some of my work has appeared in the One Show, Cannes Shortlist, Creativity Online, Communication Arts and mass emails sent by my mother. And, even more of my work has been seen by almost no one (usually my favorites).


non ad me:

Well hey there, I'm a midwestern girl who was born and raised in the beautiful state of Michigan. This obviously means: 1) Over the years I've been shamed into replacing the word "pop" with "soda",  2) I love chilly weather and do a happy dance when snow starts falling, and 3) I am afraid of sharks and other dangerous things that reside in salt water. I currently live in Austin with my husband Dave and our two rescue fur babies, Felix and Ivy. I enjoy exploring this new state I wound up in, snow skiing, attempting to cook, learning to be a homeowner, making terrariums and trying to find new hobbies to talk about on my website.